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RiotACT post: Why the “coolest little capital” needs greater participation in the arts

I’d like to see our Arts Centres getting new people involved in the arts as well as showing off our existing artists:

Resources like directories of local artists who teach others, bands seeking members, instructions to learn artforms, and “how to” YouTube videos, could all be made available by the Arts Centres. Staff at the centres should see their role as both educational and inspirational.

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RiotACT post: Gimme shelter – Fixing homelessness in the ACT

It may be surprising for many to know that the ACT has the second-highest rate of homelessness in the country:

Put simply, to end homelessness in the ACT we need … more services like the Early Morning Centre in each town centre to support our homeless people and to prevent their stigmatisation [and] better housing responses, including a review of the Affordable Housing Action Plan, to make access to secure homes for all Canberra residents an affordable, achievable goal

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RiotACT post: How can we help tackle loneliness in Canberra?

My latest weekly post on the RiotACT is on tackling loneliness:

We often fail to recognise how much work that Canberra’s grassroots organisations, clubs, churches, and government programs do to prevent and cure loneliness every single day just through their existence.

These groups make us feel good about ourselves, encourage commitment to ongoing action, help us to feel in control of what we do, and give us quick access to new social support networks.

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