Over the last few years re-location of Federal government employees has been a big issue in Tuggeranong, and now in Belconnen, with potentially 4000 Immigration staff moving out of the Belconnen Town Centre.   This move would be devastating to the local community.

After sending an open letter to the Chief Minister and relevant Federal Ministers, the ACT Chief Minister’s response states that there have been motions in the Assembly on maintaining immigration in Belconnen, and letters have been written to the relevant Ministers. However, to stop rogue Federal Department Secretaries destroying communities and to genuinely accommodate ‘local interests’, the ACT government and Federal government MUST work together. I am suggesting that:

  • The Federal Government should notify the ACT Legislative Assembly of any potential movements of 100 or more Federal public service employees.
  • The Federal Government should provide the ACT Legislative Assembly with a list of upcoming lease expirations that would affect staff of 100 or more.
  • A bi-annual committee should be established comprising of representatives of the Federal Department of Finance and representatives of the ACT Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate to discuss any possible responses to any movements of 100 or more public service employees.