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What will the next 25 years bring for the ACT Assembly?

In this week’s RiotACT article, I discuss how the ACT Legislative Assembly has evolved and what is in store for its future:

Twenty-five years on from self-government, there are nearly 100,000 extra people living in Canberra. While it is never popular to say that more politicians are needed, the workload of the Assembly has, in fact, increased dramatically. It is not just because we have extra citizens; today there are many more complex agreements with the Commonwealth and other States and Territories to fund and manage health, education, national security, and social services programs.

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Twenty five years after ACT self-government, Commonwealth government is still in control


In my op-ed piece for the Canberra Times, I argue that the National Capital Authority should not have the right to unilaterally approve residential developments such as the 701 hectare CSIRO Ginninderra site in the ACT, and particularly outside of Designated Areas of national significance:

The NCA does not have to seek approval from the ACT Government or reference the Territory Plan. It does not have to align with the ACT’s planned land release program or environmental standards. It can literally write its own planning rulebook.

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Speeches delivered at the ACT ALP Annual Conference #actalp15

Kim Fischer speaking at ALP ACT Annual Conference

At the ACT ALP Annual Conference in 2015, a rule change was proposed to drop the mandatory requirement for union membership to be a member of the ALP, in line with a similar rule change passed at the earlier ALP National Conference. I was proud to speak in support of the rule change.

Union speechI also spoke on a motion commending the importance of a platform that emphasises a high quality early childhood education:

Early education speech