Which school model works best?

February 3, 2016
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With the kids heading back to school, I found myself wondering about the history of schooling in Australia and how we ended up with our …

My commitment if I am elected

August 31, 2015
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Let’s clean up Canberra’s early childhood education mess

June 8, 2015
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High quality childcare improves learning outcomes for children. It’s that simple, or at least it should be. Unfortunately, in the ACT, when you have children …

Belconnen High School funding shortfall

June 1, 2015
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Glenn Fowler from the AEU and I have been quoted in the Canberra Times about the announced funding for an upgrade to Belconnen High School. [Source: Canberra Times]

Funding questions about Belconnen High School

May 29, 2015
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The ACT Government promised $28m to refurbish Belconnen High School at the 2012 election. It should commit to following through on its promise.