Why Sunday penalty rates should stay

May 26, 2016
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Penalty rates have been a feature of Australian life for over 100 years. In my latest RiotACT article, I look at the case for keeping …

The ancient art of shopping

May 12, 2016
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In this week’s RiotACT article I talk about the different experiences of shopping in a mall versus a local shop: Local shops [are] important too, …

UC sub-acute hospital to deliver super service

May 2, 2016
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The new UC hospital opening in 2018 is a sub-acute hospital which will provide responsive, flexible and holistic care for patients with long term, complex care …

Lathlain now – For a better Belconnen

April 19, 2016
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I’m excited by the town centre master plan proposal to transform Lathlain St in Belconnen into an eclectic mix of shops in a pedestrian-friendly environment where people …

Canberra is flourishing with free fitness activities

April 19, 2016
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In my latest RiotACT post, I point out some of the great, free exercise options available to people living in Canberra: We are lucky to …

Hipster Lane: A place for everyone, not everyone in their place

March 15, 2016
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In this week’s RiotACT article, I muse about the nature and variety of subcultures present in Canberra: A subculture must define its identity somehow in opposition …

Canberra is truly a liveable city

March 2, 2016
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In my latest RiotACT article, I talk about how Canberra now regularly ranks as one of the world’s most liveable cities: Despite some knee-jerk scepticism …

The power of language

February 16, 2016
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My latest RiotACT post discusses commemoration of International Mother Tongue Language Day next week. The United Nations-sponsored event has promoted “linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism” since 1999: … …

Which school model works best?

February 3, 2016
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With the kids heading back to school, I found myself wondering about the history of schooling in Australia and how we ended up with our …

What women want – when returning to work

January 22, 2016
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This was quite a personal article for me for the RiotACT, as I discuss the challenges of being a woman transitioning from full-time employment to motherhood: I have found …